WingSup – paketti Sroka


Toimitus 5-10 arkipäivää (pidätämme oikeudet muutoksiin)




Pumpattava Sup-lauta Malibu 10´6 ja  4m Sroka siipi. Tällä setillä surffailet&suppailet rennosti mökillä tai missä tahansa vesillä.  Malibu 10´6 sup lautaan voi myös kiinnittää windsurf- purjeen.

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Learning to wingfoil may seem difficult and complicated to you. To learn to master the foil, the wing and the board at the same time, we have the solution for you! This mixed concept opens up a different vision of paddling on windy days. Learning to master a wing has never been easier, and it is the first step to mastering the Wingfoil.

Stable and space saving, this inflatable SUP plus wing pack allows you to maximise your paddle time, introduce the whole family to wind sports safelyand discover the techniques of using the wing.

This pack is plug and play, it consists of a Malibu 10’6 windsup paddle (with a centreboard in the centre of the board). Convertible from windsurf to kayak with its mast foot insert and seat bridges) and a wing in 3,3 or 4m2 to have fun from 8nds of wind.

This SUP plus wing combo will allow you to play in all conditions. The pack consists of :

  • a Malibu 10’6 Windsup stand up paddle
  • a 3 part aluminium paddle
  • a double flow pump for the wing and the sup
  • 4 m wing
  • a leash


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